Tera Patrick- The Long Awaited, in Depth, Interview- Her Divorce, Sex, Her Book, Her New Life…

“Xcitement: That’s hard to hear that you aren’t going to have sex on camera anymore. Tera: Everybody has to stop someday!

Undoubtedly one of the most beautiful creatures on the planet, and one of THEE most famous porn stars ever, Tera Patrick embodies everything a guy would want in a woman, and a girl would want in a friend. That’s a big part of her popularity. She manages to be gorgeous, but so nice, classy, friendly and oblivious to her looks, that women (the haters that we are) love her, and men lust her. Tera has been through a lot in 2009, both good and bad. She wrote a book about her life, including all the dirty details. She is also getting a divorce from (musician, actor &  porn star) her husband and business partner, Evan Seinfeld. We talk about both. She doesn’t hold back, and this is the first interview she has done regarding some touchy subjects. I’m glad she did the interview with me. I happen to love this girl and am very happy that she is happy. I present to you Xcitement’s cover girl for 2010, the tenacious and tempting, Tera Patrick.

Interview By Cindi Loftus   
Photos Courtesy of Teravision
    ©2010 Xcitement Magazine May NOT be reprinted without permission

Xcitement: Good Morning!

Tera: Hi there Cindi. I overslept.
X: Do you have coffee?
T: I’m getting in the car now to go get some.  My Mom and I are going to do our normal Starbucks run.
X: Why did you over sleep?
T: I had a girls’ night last night. My Mom made Tai food, she made curry and noodles and fried rice and I invited my two best friends over. We had Tai food, Patron, Champagne, it was fun.
X: Well it’s only 11 am your time so that is quite early if you have the day off and you stayed up late last night.
T: Well my Mom woke me up and said your phone keeps ringin and I went AHHHHHH, I’ve got an interview with Cindi !
X: I read your book, twice. It’s so good!
T: Thank you!
X: I’ve known you for ten years and I can’t believe all the things I didn’t know about you.
T: Really? I’m so excited that you liked it.
X: You really told ALL your secrets. You didn’t hold anything back. Now I feel like I know everything about you!
T: OHHH my Gosh.
X: Is there anything, when you re-read your book before it went to print, that you thought, I should take that out, I shouldn’t leave that in there?
T: Uhm, no. I think the one thing about writing a book was that when I wrote it with Carrie Borzillo, a good friend of mine, she’s written some really good books. When I decided to write it, she told me, keep in mind that people either really bare their soul, or they just write what they want to tell, it’s up to you. I felt so comfortable with her, it was very cathartic writing the book. I wanted to let people know who I was. So for me it was very therapeutic. It was something that I needed to do.
X: I don’t know if I would want everyone knowing all my crazy stuff.  I am surprised much hasn’t leaked out about it yet.
T: So what did you think? Did it change your mind about me in any way?
X: No, I love you the same. But it did show you have a dark side, and that you have had problems and have been through some tough times like most people. I think because you are so beautiful, people tend to think your life is perfect, and your book shows that it’s not. I had known about the conflict you had with Digital Playground, but I didn’t know the details, or what it did to you. I also didn’t know you were a bit crazy like the rest of us.
T: (Laughs) Yeah, heck yeah!
X: The book made you seem like more of a real person. I mean I’m lucky enough to know you a bit more then the average fan, so this book will give them a lot of insight into who you REALLY are, because that is what it gave me.
T: It humanized me I think.
X: It did. I didn’t know that you were a horny girl since childhood and that you were a teen model in Japan I also loved how you take all the rumors that have gone around about you and break them down and set the record straight  I guess I should ask you some questions now instead of just going on and on about your book… So let’s start with your being a teenage model in Japan. You were shipped over there at fourteen years old to fend for yourself.
T: I went to modeling school and I got discovered and I went over there. As you can tell from my book I was running amok. I was by myself. I had such a good time and I am grateful for the experience. It helped to make me who I am.
X: But you were drinking and partying and going out to nightclubs at fourteen?
T: I know. I was with older models and meeting groupies and rock stars. (laughs)
X: That’s quite a life for a fourteen year old. You were in Japan, chasing guys and drinking. You were a horny little girl too!
T: My Mom is in the car listening to us and she is laughing. My Mom is great. You know I am going through the divorce right now with Evan, and my Mom is my rock. Her and my sister have really been there for me. My Mom and I live together in Vegas now, and we are like two teenagers, it’s so funny. We go for our morning run and Starbucks every day, and people watch.
X: That’s really great because I know she wasn’t in your life for most of the time.
T: I dedicate my book to her, and through the course of writing the book she came back into my life.
X: How did that happen?
T: It was really funny, because my sister and my mom have actually always been very close and my Mom has always followed me and followed my life and uhm, we were both ready to make amends and get back in touch with each other. So when I was living in LA, still married to Evan, my Mom had called me and I was so happy to hear from her. I told her I loved her and I missed her and that we should forget about the past…
X: That’s really hard to do. Did you really let go of all the hurt and pain you had for her?
T: We initially met, and sat down. And I looked at her, and saw me. I hadn’t seen her in seventeen years. I looked at her and I melted and collapsed in her arms and we sat and talked for hours and hours. We cried and talked. We were able to get everything out and let everything go. We talk now everyday. And I do forgive her, because I know now as a woman, because of what I am going through and I know what she went through. I understand her so much, because she’s me. We are the same.
X: She does look like you too, or rather, you look like her.
T: Ya think?
X: Yeah, and Debby (Tera’s sister) doesn’t look as much like her as you do.
T: I know.
X: Debby doesn’t look Asian.

T: I keep hearing that.

X: You got your Mom’s Asian genes part, and Debby got your Dad’s genes. You and Debbie do look alike, but you look like the Asian version and she’s the American version.

(Tera orders a peppermint Mocha with Slim milk)

X: Peppermint will wake you up.
T: Doesn’t that sound good?
X: Yes.  I usually drink iced coffee.  How is the weather in Vegas?
T: It’s beautiful here. I love Vegas
X: Do you like Vegas because of the weather or the nightlife?
T: I love everything here. I don’t miss LA at all.
X: I think the people are nicer in Vegas.
T: They are nice. It’s new for me. I lived in LA for twelve years and I didn’t want to stay there anymore. I came here and I love it here. There are wide open spaces. I have a beautiful house here. My Mom is here. It’s easy to get to. I can fly from everywhere to Vegas.  I love the nightlife. I have so many friends here. Plus I am starting my show here.

X: I heard about that! Tell me all about it.
T: I am doing a show at the Rio. It is going to be called “Tera Patrick is Sexy”. It is going to be all things that I think are sexy. So it will be like Cirque De Soleil meets Pussy Cat Dolls. There will be very traditional burlesque dancing but with aerialists and pole dancing, and it will be really good. I am going to be dancing burlesque style.
X: That is so cool! When do you start working on it?
T: We already are. We are doing rehearsals. Its been pretty strenuous, not in a bad way, but a lot of work.
X: Have you started your choreography and everything?
T: Yes.
X: So you are doing hard physical labor.
T: Yeah, lots of dancing. Like six hours a day. I am doing pilates every day. I am working my ass into shape, which is a good thing.  It’s like Dancing with the Stars. I am getting a great body out of it.

X: Oh, “getting”, like your body before just sucked!

T: No, but it is way better now.

X: Having a show in Vegas is a lot of work.

T: Yeah. I am really excited about it.
X: You are going to be doing a sexy dance show in a mainstream venue in Las Vegas ! That is so cool. Famous people will be coming to see you. Who would you like to have show up?
T: My Mom and I were talking about that, because we were watching CNN and I am love Anderson Cooper.
X: I know, you say that all the time. Have you ever met him?
T: No, have you?
X: No, but if you keep putting it out there, you will meet him.
T: He is so gorgeous.

X: That is so funny. Of all types of guys, he seems to me to be so not your type.
T: You know what is funny though? The guy I am seeing now, is the same height as me and is Armenian and he is beautiful. He has a rock hard body and no tattoos, just pure clean skin. I love it.
X: That must be odd to go from one extreme to the other.
T: My taste has totally changed. It is totally different.

X: No more bad boys?

T: No bad boys. Well maybe they are bad.

X: Maybe all boys are bad.

T: Yeah I think all boys are bad. That is my weakness. I love boys.

X: I am glad that you are seeing someone. I am glad you seem so together and happy. I was so sad when I heard that you and Evan split up, you just seemed so good together. I thought you were going to be together forever, and I really like you both. It has got to be impossible to make it through this process and still like each other. You have a company together. Are you going to divide the company? It’s got your name on it. But he is still in the porn business. Is it going to be Teravision run by Evan?
T: I don’t think so.  We are trying to figure out now how to divide up everything. It’s very hard. My divorce papers are on line, Everything has been made very public.  I care for him still. We don’t speak at all. We are trying to go through the divorce as painless as possible.  But it is hard. We built this company together. And now I am not in the business anymore and he wants to stay in the business and I kind of feel like if he wants to stay in the business he should just run Iron Cross not Teravision. So we are trying to figure out how to work that out. As far as divorce goes I don’t wish it on anybody.
X: It sucks that you two aren’t talking anymore. I hope that changes. You guys were best friends and now you have to divide up your life. That is so awful Tera, I’m sorry. The book is actually a tribute to both of you guys and what you have been through together. You have both done a lot for each other. I hope that when the hard part of this divorce is over you will be able to be back to being friends.
T: Yeah.
X: But you really do say a lot of nice things about Evan in the book. You give him a lot of credit for what has been accomplished when you could have taken the mean way and ripped him an ass.

T: I could have and I think a lot of people are expecting me too. But I am a lady. I’m not going to do that. I have a lot of love for Evan. We were together, and he was my best friend for years and I loved him.  You don’t do that to somebody that you loved. Marriage to me is completely sacred. I respect the sanctity of our marriage. This book is forever going to be on the bookshelves. It’s mine. It’s my life. I don’t want to write something that I am going to regret later. I can’t write something in the heat of my emotions, and then think later that I shouldn’t have written that, you know?

X: Yes. You are so smart. In your book, I read about when you first ate pussy, and I want to know, do you really like girls?
T: I do like girls, but my choice is men.
X: So you are now done with porn scenes. How is your sex life?
T: Well I have my man. I am in a relationship with a really really great guy. He’s the one I was telling you about, the one I am dating. His name is Rob.
X: How did you meet him?
T: I met him at my Halloween party in Miami. He was drinking and having a good time and I was watching him. I was with Charmane Star, she is one of my best friends. We were sitting there watching him and I said, bring me that boy, and she said okay. And he came over, he came here from Armenia ten years ago and he had no idea who I was. He knew nothing.  So I was flirting with him. We were drinking, carrying on and having a good time. He lives in LA and works in Utah, which is like an hour from Vegas. He comes to see me all the time. He is normal. He has his own money. He is wealthy. He is sweet and a nice person and a good guy. I didn’t know this when I picked him out of a crowded club.  But he has a good heart and is so good to me and is so sweet to me and treats me like a princess and a lady. He is kind. He is very close to his family. He is everything that I want in a guy. We are going really slow. He understands what I am going through. I am just having a lot of fun with him. It’s so nice to be treated like a lady. I have met so many guys that are like I just want to fuck you. And I am like, yeah, whatever. That’s all fun and everything, but that’s not what I am looking for right now. I am looking for someone to put their arms around me and hold me.
X: Does Rob have any problem with your past?
T: No he says I am the most beautiful woman in the world. He says you should be proud of what you have done. He sees me as a successful business women who has conquered the world. He tells me I am amazing every day. He says you shouldn’t be walking the earth, you are too perfect.
X: I’m so glad you have someone like that. He is good for your ego too.
T: He is, yeah. And he is seven years younger than me too.
X: That’s okay, men don’t live as long, so it all works out.
T: (Laughs) He’s a baby. I call him a boy. I asked my sister if I was a cougar and she said no you are a puma. (Laughs) He has stamina like nothing else.  He’s a boxer. I have to send you a picture of his body, it’s amazing. I’m like WOW.
X: Yes to the pictures! Does he have a hairy chest?
T: Yeah, he does and I love it.
X: I do too! The trend has been for guys to pluck out all their hair and shave all their hair, but I like the old fashioned hairy-chested guys. I’m glad it is starting to go back that way.
T: Me too, it is so manly. I am happy.
X: Good. Are you glad you got your tattoos?
T: Yes, oh yes.
X: Are you getting more on your arm?
T: No I am done with tattoos, huh Mom? She is like, please god yes. I’ve got my sleeve, which Rob thinks is so sexy. Every guy I have ever met wants to touch my arm. I love my sleeve. It is part of me. It is a journey that I went on.
X: And what about the Hello Kitty on the back of your neck?
T: I love my Hello Kitty. I have to really like someone to show them my kitty.
X: (Laughs) Or your pussy.
T: Which is the other kitty!
X: I’m so glad you are doing well.
T: Every night I pile my dogs in the bed, my mom in the bed and I am at peace.
X: I love Chopper. (Tera’s little dog)
T: Chopper! He thinks he is my husband.
X: Is he high maintenance?
T: He is very high maintenance He is a little diva.
X: Do you think Chopper is gay? Like a little gay man, dog?
T: No, Mom says he’s not gay. We fixed him. He’s asexual. He sleeps between my legs every night.
X: It smells good there, he likes it.
T: Yeah, he loves it. He snuggles up in between my legs. The day I left Evan, Chopper became a new dog. He never liked Evan. When we left, he started being active and had a smile on his face. Chopper was like Yippee!
X: I wonder why?
T: I think because Evan was such an alpha male, and it intimidated Chopper. Chopper was possessive of me and Evan was possessive of me so it was the dominance in the animal kingdom kind of fighting.
X: So now Chopper has you to himself and he is the king.
It seems as if you have changed from being a globe trotting superstar into someone who wants to be a wife and mother. Do you want to have kids?
T: I do. I want to have boys. But I would be happy with whatever I get. I would love to get married again. But I want more of a traditional life. I am craving that. I want to travel and work for another probably three years until I’m about thirty-six, then I want to have kids.
X: I can’t imagine you pregnant.
T: My friend said that yesterday. They said I would look like a snake that swallowed a watermelon. You will be a great mom!

X: So are you done with porn?
T: I am done with the movies for sure. But my movies are still coming out. I’ll always support the business. The business supported me and was very good to me. I’ll never turn my back on the industry. I’m glad that I am still on top and I want to go out gracefully.
X: That’s hard to hear that you aren’t going to have sex on camera anymore.

T: Everybody has to stop someday!

X: I know. So how can I get some sexy stuff in this interview?

T: I will tell you, the week after I left Evan I went and hooked up with this one star who had the biggest dick I had ever seen in my life. He is beautiful and gorgeous and let’s just say I was locked up in his house for a week doing nothing but the filthiest things I could think of with this guy. I became free and I really let myself go. It was my rebound, but it felt so good. I literally gave myself to this guy 100%. It was like, uh, I had the best sex. When you are in a marriage and fucking the same person for seven years you do your typical things. But now I am really letting myself go. I never had sex on top before. I was always a pillow queen. Oh now I am jumping on top, throwing these guys down. I’m going to sit on your face and your cock, let me run the show. I am much more powerful now. I totally take control of men. I am dating a lot of younger men.
X: Younger men are moldable.
T: Yes and they worship me. Oh, Tera. And I’m like whose your mommy!
X: (Laughs) You’ve got the world by the balls girlfriend. And I am very proud of you. This issue will be coming out January 1st. Do you have New Year’s resolutions?
T: I don’t make resolutions usually. But I have so many good things happening. I will be kicking off my show. Going on my book tour. So I’ll say that I want my family and friends and me to still be happy and healthy.
X: Do you have anything else going on? You only have a book tour and a Vegas show, I don’t know why you don’t spend time doing more stuff. (Laughs)
T: (Laughs) I’m working on a TV show right now which is really exciting. It’s a traveling TV show that is going to take me through the Middle East.
X: That’s kind of scary.
T: It is but I am looking forward to it. I’m excited. I’m going to be touring through Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq.
X: Tera, you are nuts!
T: Maybe I’ll run into Anderson Cooper.
X: That’s the whole reason you took the gig and you know it!
T: It’s called the Over Landers.
X: Well just make sure you bring people with guns with you.
T: I will. I just learned how to shoot guns. I’m picking up all kinds of new hobbies. Very empowering.
X: You and Evan have only been split up for a few months, and 
you really seem like you are stronger then you were before.
T: I am. I’m a lot stronger. I found a lot of my inner strength. And that’s a good thing.  I can take care of myself.
X: And you are doing an excellent job at it. Do you have a message for your fans?
T: I love you all so much. Thank you so much for the support. You are always in my heart. My fans mean the world to me.


If you would like to see the naked layout of Tera click here http://www.xcitement.com/interview/?p=854

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13 Responses to Tera Patrick- The Long Awaited, in Depth, Interview- Her Divorce, Sex, Her Book, Her New Life…

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  2. Rennie says:

    I read somewhere that Tera hated sex, yet in this interview she was off having a fling a week after her breakup with some rocker. You never know who to believe…

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  4. Waldo Lydecker says:

    Wow… just when I thought TP was maturing and verging on decency, the whole ‘rebound’ thing made me wretch. You couldn’t have waited? Couldn’t exert a little self-control and take some time for yourself?

    I’m not saying her ex was an angel (and he may have done the same thing), but jeez… I’d hate to be the current beau and read that.

    She believes in the sanctity of marriage, but got bored with her sex life… um, then work on it. Whatever…

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  6. famous.long.distance.love.poems says:

    Congratulations on a nice article. A person can have rebound human relationships the rest of their lives, or they can work out what went wrong in a >romantic relationship – whether it was their fault or their partners that ended the relationship – and do things to change those things. A person might get into a relationship that lasts for long times but if there is still a touch from the prior relationship, the present one will either not work or will be painful for one or both. A rising divorcee requires to ask enquiries of themselves and find the answers, and depending upon the answers, may well never have a rebound relationship but rather one that works.

  7. There’s a man name NiceMikey at Las Vegas jerking off to Tera Patricks picture. He’s a BAD man!

  8. dboh says:

    I don’t get it. She says she’s dating some guy (“Well I have my man. I am in a relationship with a really really great guy. He’s the one I was telling you about, the one I am dating.”) but she says she wants to meet Anderson Cooper and then “I am dating a lot of younger men.” Is she dating Rob exclusively or not? It sounds like HE thinks they are (“(He says) you shouldn’t be walking the earth, you are too perfect.”) If she’s dating him exclusively, it sounds like she’s cheated on him, and if she’s not, it sounds like she might be inadvertantly or advertantly leading him on. If Rob is not exclusive, she might consider protecting her reputation a little more by not mentioning his name or that she’s sleeping with more than three or more people. (I understand that her reputation is pretty much shot in half the population’s eyes because she did alot of porn…)

  9. supra sneaker says:

    not that much of a online reader to be honest but your blogs really nice, keep it up! I’ll go ahead and bookmark your website to come back down the road. Many thanks

  10. Jane says:

    wow she’s super boring. I would never read her book

    I like Kacey Jordan, if she ever writes a book I’ll read it lol. In fact I hate audio books but If Kacey Jordan made a audiobook of her life I’ll hear it cause I love listening to her voice. I’ve hear her Howard Stern interview a bunch of times. That chick is so honest she just spits it out, never thinks before she speaks, love her.

  11. kaili says:

    I think almost everyone’s comments is retarded. Especially the comment from the person named Jane. I have read Tera Patrick book Sinner Takes All and it is absolutely one of the greatest books I have ever read. Before I read the book I knew her name but not much about her besides she was a hot porn star. After I read the book I got to know who she really is. She is a straight forward strong beautiful brave woman. I really admire her and hope nothing but joy and happiness in her life.
    For the rebound thing I really don’t see why there would be anything wrong with that. Everyone deals with heart ache in their own way and if going out and fucking someones brains out makes you feel better then by all means go for it. People usually judge others because a little part of them wishes they could do the stuff that the other person does but just isn’t brave enough. To each is their own and if it makes the person happy so be it. judging is for close minded people.

  12. john says:

    i wanna fuck tera and play with her boobs

  13. Sures Venkat says:

    Hi Tera,
    We are both asians, there is only one country between us. Since you are divorced. I am ready to marry you. I also have good money. If you like send email to me..I will send my pics and we will meet together. I dont think you will get anyone better than me with so many already slept with you…

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