Membership to A Website? What to Look For by Vicky Vette

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"For me….. live is where it is at.  Camshows, members board, chats, personal messages."

A reader wrote in and asked what to look for before you purchase a membership to a adult star site, and we have the perfect person to give him an answer! Webmistress Extraordinaire Vicky Vette!

So I was asked what to look out for in a site before becoming a member.  In this day and age where tons of porn is available online for free, it is annoying to me to still see sites out there that basically rip off the consumer – sites which go out of their way to get every last dollar out of the customer even if it means he won't come back for more later.  Nothing gives me greater pleasure that when someone who was a member of my site six months ago, comes back and writes 'Vicky… I went away and tried several other sites while I was gone, but I missed your site so much, (they didn’t update, didn’t answer mail) that I had to come back' .  It is validation that the experience was worth it to the consumer.  Soooo, if I was joining a website and laying out about $24.95 I would want to make sure of the following Top 5 things to look for (in no particular order):
1. Is the site upselling me with 'pre-checked cross sales'?   'Pre-checked Cross Sales' is industry code for is let's fuck over the consumer' – charging him for other sites he did not really know he was joining when he clicks the 'join now' button.  Some industry scumbags have decided that it is a swell idea that when someone joins a site, they can put a check mark in a little box that says something like 'by joining this site, you are also joining another 15 sites'.  The end result, usually without the consumers knowledge they have bought a bunch of memberships to additional sites, get a bill for another $100, quit, charge back the credit card, and never buy online ever again, and tell everyone they know about their rotten experience.   Any site doing this is being run by webmasters who want to screw you – not provide you with quality screwing.  They are here for a quick cash grab, and not investing in a long term site. They don’t care what happens to our business in the future because unlike they some us, they don’t plan on being in it that long. Take a long look at the join page of the site you are joining… if it says 'by joining this site, you are also joining for $35.95 a month until canceled'….. stay away! Also, if it’s almost impossible to leave the site, i.e. they keep throwing popups and popunders at you, sometimes making you go in circles, inviting you to participate in a fake chat with some girl who is supposedly live right now. You can actually type in the box, but the girl will never see your messages. If you leave your email address of these types of sites, get ready to close your account, because you will probably get spammed to death later.
2. Is the site giving me updates of new material? Industry standard is at least one update a week if not more.  If he site you are looking at says in the Updates section that it was updated back in 2006…. or you see and absolutely blank calendar, or no updates section on the outside of the site, it may be bad sign that the webmaster does not want you to know that he ran out of new things to give you every week and/or retired from porn.  Yes, believe it or not some webmasters still sell memberships to sites where the model has retired… go figure.
3. Is the site giving me exclusive porn? Tons of sites that I will not name think it is cool to sell the consumer porn that you can get all over the net… regurgitated porn that has been on literally dozens of sites before, sold over and over again.  If the word 'exclusive' is used a lot on the website – probably a good sign that the stuff you are buying has some unique value to it. Many sites take content down after a year, put it back in inventory till they think you forgot about it, then put it up again calling it “brand new!”
4. Does the site have interaction? Let's face it… we live in a world of interaction.  If all you are getting for our money are a few videos and pictures, there is no way in hell you are going to really get to know the model and or models that you are craving after by buying a membership.  For me….. live is where it is at.  Camshows, members
board, chats, personal messages…. anything and everything we can do to provide live entertainment every day of the week.  If your site is lacking this, you will quickly lose interest as soon as you have downloaded all the best scenes off the site.
5. Also, it’s not necessary, but does the site have additional bonus sites when you join?  It’s hard to compete with free porn and the megasites like naughty America, so a lot of girls have found it beneficial to band together. In my case you get world class pornstars like Sunny Lane, Sara Jay & Deauxma for free when you sign up to my lil' lol' mecca of pleasure.   It gives the buyer the comfort of knowing there should be enough stuff to keep him and/or her 'happy' by joining up. There is a plethora of content and updates between all the sites.
Again… if I knew everything, I guess no one would ever cancel the membership to my site, so obviously I don’t, but just look beyond the beautiful exterior porn freaks… you have to check what is under the hood of the car before buying.

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8 Responses to Membership to A Website? What to Look For by Vicky Vette

  1. Alicia Hydra says:

    Thanks for this article. Definitely helpful from a consumer’s perspective but perhaps even more helpful to webcam girls (like me, lol), porn stars, or anyone thinking of starting her own site.

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  3. Dana says:

    Great article…especially since I am at the stage of chicken scratching my site! TY So much!

  4. Carrol Bacher says:

    Good posting, I favorited your blog post so I can visit again in the near future, Cheers, Carrol Bacher

  5. Annabelle Windemere says:

    She is without doubt my fave movie star right now. What a great superstar. Just fabulous!

  6. JOE PARKER says:

    I want to thank you for taking time to post this, it was really helpful.

  7. Kelvin says:

    That is great info from a successful Pornstar about website’s. After reading that I will have to make a switch of some. One of my sites I subscribe too is Teri Weigel’s website. It hasn’t had an update since October of 2009, only 3 updates last year [the update to the Tour page was considered an update]. The webcams there are usually down and/or Teri is never on the cams. Also such poor quality of the webcams. Is there a good place for reviews of Pornstar websites that can give this kind of info to the consumer? A good website takes some effort from the Pornstar, I wish Teri Weigel’s was better. Vicky Vette here I come!

    NOTE TO KELVIN- Check out for honest website reviews.

  8. Cedric Degre says:

    I think this is one of the most important info for me. And i’m glad reading your article. But wanna remark on some general things, The web site style is wonderful, the articles is really great : D. Good job, cheers

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