Kinky Wenona- “I did my first bondage shoot at 19 I was hooked!” Exclusive Interview

Wenona Interview By Jon of

Wenona is one of the stars of Kink Com and the female wrestling site Ultimate Surrender. She’s done two scenes for Girlfriends Films and would like to do more . She’s also a very busy model. Read on to find out more about the performer who describes herself as a kinky exhibitionist living out her fantasies in front of the cameras.

Can you tell us a little about your background ?
I was born in Santa Cruz, and lived there about a decade before my family moved to Portland.
I spent my teens in Oregon on swim team, and doing gymnastics for the love and intensity of the sport. I also had a fascination with contortion and began to train on my own at home, then at the local gymnastics center. I learned of contortion classes in San Francisco when i lived in Oregon, and when my modeling career took off I found myself in San Francisco and I was thrilled to be able to take the classes and learn more about the art of contortion.
I have always loved the water. I got my scuba certification at age 13 in the very cold waters of the Puget Sound in Washington state.
When I was a young teen in Portland I did a few photo shoots and wanted to be a model. My career took off after relocating to Florida and being of age to shoot nude work. That was what I sought to shoot.
I was about ten years old when i decided I wanted to be a skydiver. As soon as my 16th birthday hit I was old enough to jump, so I made my first of about 500 jumps! On jump number 259 at age 17 I broke my sacrum(lower back), pelvis, and had a compound ankle dislocation that crushed my fibula. I returned to jumping 6 months later with a leg brace. a metal plate and screws support where my fibula was crushed.
At age 19 i moved to Florida, and the sun and fun! I continued to jump, get back into scuba and free diving, as well as start practicing yoga, which helped me rehabilitate from my skydiver accident. I was able to return to gymnastics and contortion which I still do today! Shortly after moving to Florida I started booking more and more shoots. That was the start of my full time modeling career. I met the love of my life through skydiving in Oregon when I was 17. We are still together, and together we produce content for DVD’s and clips, and go on adventures around the world!

What would your stage name be if you took the name of your first pet and the street you grew up on?
Well, my first pet was a garter snake i captured in the Santa Cruz mountains, I do not remember it having a name. I grew up on a few different streets.

You have some of the loveliest nipples in the industry. What is your favorite part of your body and why?
Yea, I am a nipple girl, and my nipples are nice and sensitive! I also like my natural breasts, and some folks have mentioned something about my abs.

You work hard to keep fit and you’re very supple. What’s the strangest position you been asked to take?
On a pretty regular basis I get asked to put my legs behind my back in the human pretzel. I have been girl/girl strap-on fucked, eaten out, and I have gotten off in that position so many times!
My friend Dan Hawke of had me hanging by my ankles while i was folded in half with my torso through my legs, and my arm bound behind my back!
The guys of  have busted out some pretty interesting yoga poses from all different yoga styles for our shoots.

You’ve done many hundreds of photo sets in your career. What have been the highlights and why?
Looking back at so many great sets over the years; it has been the creation of the images I remember as much as the finished image.
I had a blast going far away to a desert island off Panama to do a spear fishing shoot. I camped out in a jungle hammock and dinner was the catch of the day. I also did some filming for my clips store when I was there. it was a stunning backdrop for yoga and  masturbation   scenes!
I did a postcard shoot for the Caribbean island of Saint Martin. I got to shoot on a huge boat and some remote tropical places around the island, all while hanging out with models It was December and I remember going out for a warm ocean swim before catching my flight home.

You started tying yourself up at an early but how as a young adult did you get into the fetish scene?
Yea, I took jump rope and turned it into a rather uncomfortable sit harness and got myself stuck dangling off my tree house! I always knew there was something different about me, and when I did my first bondage shoot at 19 I was hooked! I did not think twice about doing bondage or fetish work. For me it has always felt natural as does being in the nude.

You’ve done both water bondage and had sex underwater. What do you like so much about water?
In the water i can be three dimensional and free to move any way I like. I  like being weightless. I love the way the water caresses and soothes me.

What do you like so much about wrestling and can you tell us something about your work with Dia Zeva , Ariel X and Madison Young ?
I was a huge pro wrestling fan (I even thought it was real when I was young),  and now I like learning the different moves, which I continue to work on. The rolling around the mat all sweaty with hot and talented girls is always nice! it is a wonderful workout too. Dia is such a talented wrestler and so sexy in front of, and behind the camera. I always enjoy working with her and hanging out after shooting.
Ariel is just amazing with all her moves and her toned body. I can tell she really gets into wrestling and playing with girls. That makes the matches and shoots that much more exciting.
Madison is one smoking red head. I love her ass, and that she likes to do intense BDSM scenes.

You’ve done three scenes with Girlfriends Films. How did you get to work for them and what was it like working for the top lesbian erotica company ?
I thank Ariel and Dia for telling me about Girlfriends Films.  The way Girlfriends Films shoots works well; once the sex starts they direct little and just let the scene flow naturally. I think it is great that they hire girls who are truly into girls. I feel like I can really get into a scene because of that.

Your friend Dia said she’d like to see you do a scene with Elexis Monroe. Do you know her work and can we expect to see this happen shortly?
I have seen pics of Elexis Monroe and she is definitely my type. Dia made a great suggestion! I certainly hope Elexis and I hook up for a shoot. Maybe at Kink or Girlfriends since we both work for them.

If you decided to do more girl/girl it would be with which companies and which performers?
I am definitely doing more girl/girl!
I want to go back to L.A. and do more shoots for Girlfriends Films.
I would also like to shoot for Triangle Films.
Kink has been good to me and I wish to continue more wonderful years of shooting with them!
Of course Dia, Ariel, and Madison are always on my list of favorites to shoot with.
I think Emily Addison and Holly Heart are so sexy and fun to work with.
Cheyenne Jewel from Vegas is a pleasure to work with. She is newer to the biz and she takes to girl/girl so well.
Now that I also produce I have the fun of flying girls to Florida to work with me. So many possibilities!

You love to travel for work and for pleasure. Which are some of the nicest places you’ve visited so far? Where do you want to go next and why?.

I went to Kenya and Tanzania this year and conquered Kilimanjaro, Africa’s highest peak at over 19,000 feet! It was a whole lot of up! The view made it all worth while. The Serengeti was all it was cracked up to be and more. There were so many animals not even phased by humans and the safari vehicles. There were hyenas and baboons at out campsite. I want to return to Africa. I have friends in Tanzania now
Stockholm was a nice and romantic city. There were sexy woman in leggings and boots everywhere.
Amsterdam will always be on my favorites list!
I had a lot of fun making a couple visits to my skydiver friend in Israel. There were great parties, Dead Sea floating, Masada hiking, and having a drink on the beach. I really liked Jordan too. The massive mountain ranges and Petra were spectacular.
I went to Boundcon Munich a couple times and would go back in a heartbeat. I love doing the live stage performances as well as meeting fans from all over the world!
It looks like my next trip abroad will be Thailand. I think it will be exotic and I can probably find some nice places to film.
Bungee jumping in New Zealand looks like fun too.

Where can people find you on the net?

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