Peter North Interview-“Talking Dirty”

name Peter North
occupation Adult Star
sexual orientation Straight
company and/or website and
1. What do you fans usually ask you? They ask me a variety of things…..mostly, how many women have I been with and who was my favorite girl to work with?

2. Describe what you consider a romantic date Many different ways….but probably it would be a nice dinner at a place near the water, outside, with a nice ambiance with candlelight, perhaps a canopy on the beach

3. Describe yourself in ten words or less easygoing, patient, understanding, good listener, socially adaptable

4. If you inherited five  million dollars (after taxes, lol) from an unknown rich uncle, what would you do with the money. I’d invest it in a low-risk mutual fund

5. What would be a perfect day for you? I’d be somewhere in Capri, or Bora Bora, or some exotic place, not thinking about business or schedule, just enjoying the scenery and enjoying life

6. Where would you like to be ten years from now? Having a family and watching my children grow and enjoying raising them and teaching them new things.

7. What part of a body is sexiest and why? Breasts….natural breasts.

8. Tell us something quirky about you that most people don’t know I am a hand-clean freak.  I like washing my hands a lot. I wash my hands a ridiculous amount.

9. What type of sex turns you on the most? Do you have a fetish? Sex where I’m talking dirty and the girl I’m with is talking dirty back…..No, I don’t really have any fetishes.

10. What Cause and/or Charity do you support and/or fight for? Miracles for Kids (, which benefits kids with Cancer at CHOC (Children’s Hospital of Orange County), who’s family cannot afford treatment, and SPCA

11. How do you feel about religion/God? I believe in God. I believe that people are born into a certain religion and either they feel strongly about that religion or they don’t…there are many different religions, but the ultimate thing is that they believe in a God.  I don’t believe that one religion is better than any other religion.

Photos by:  Alan Strutt –

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  3. casemod says:

    great stuff, I’ll have to come back when I am not so tired. Just bookmarked it, take it easy!

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