Hi guys! 

Did you know that is the ONLY place on the web that you can find authentic “Skin Diamond” merchandise?! Not only can you find T’s, prints, books and XXX DVD’s featuring myself and some of the hottest babes on the planet, but you can also find the shoes and lingerie items that I’ve worn in XXX scenes and on the road during feature shows!

You can even buy panties, lingerie sets and shoes from my personal collection!

In fact it’s the ONLY place that you can find legit panty sets that have actually belonged to me, and not that I’ve just worn for a quick photo-shoot. ^_~
Plus! Every lingerie set comes with a signed one-of-a-kind polaroid of authenticity!

Every order also comes with a handwritten, autographed thank you note!
So check out and join the thousands of other #DirtyDiamond’s who have already joined forces with your favorite iconic sex kitten!!
You won’t be disappointed.. ^_~

– Miss Diamond xoxo

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