Porn People- Good Wholesome Human Beings

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“You know, my family is VERY religious.”

Free Speech Admission Fee

by Denise LaFrance

Greetings Genital Readers,

I’d like to tell you a little bit about the fact there’s a price one has to pay for being the “squeaky wheel”.

A few years ago, I decided to write and illustrate a book about the private lives of some of the 70’s most noted porn players; the people acting and involved in the production end of our illustrious Porn Industry. This book is to be titled:

The Golden Heart & Soul of XXX~

A Celebration of People

The general purpose of my book  is to humanize the people in the Industry and to demonstrate to the general Public that these people are every bit as valid and worthwhile human beings as most everyone else in Society and that, despite their unique & adventurous approach to making a living, most of the people are much like anyone else in their core being~good wholesome human beings with dreams, aspirations, families, goals, ideas and just  good hearts.

My book’s still in the making. It’ll be ready when it is.

Patience please. Wrinkles to iron.

I just want people in society to stop casting value-judgment on others who choose to color outside the lines of “normalcy”; especially when those who judge use the platform of religion to bolster their prejudices.  If one is claiming to “love God and if they love all of this God’s children”, then one cannot viably exclude an entire group of People just because they disagree with how those people choose to celebrate the enjoyment of Human sexuality.  To dismiss these people as “useless” is hypocritical and in direct contrast with religion’s  “love thy neighbor” pact.

Ipso facto: Somethin’ stinks in Denmark.

The price I’ve had to pay for my seemingly outlandish point of view on all of this has been moderately high – yet worthwhile I feel.

Yes. I’ve ruffled the feathers of some former friends family and colleagues but: to stand behind ones word is, to me, crucial and I am doing just that.

So I’ve lost the respect of some former  friends and family members as a result of my project. This is fine by me as those people have obviously some soul tightening of their own to contend with and if they judge and condemn me for speaking my mind, then they aren’t worth impressing in the first place. Right? Ah so now it’s getting personal…that just add’s grease to my skillet of intent.

For the greater good of Humanity at large, I stand my ground and am enjoying some of the amusing aftermath.

You know, my family is VERY religious.

I was initially being a coward and wrongfully  hiding my book from my Family-parents in particular…and so dear Readers, you wanna know how they found out I am doing my book?

It’s worth a laugh so swallow whatever you’re drinking or sucking so you don’t shoot liquid out your nose.

One Sunday my  Mother was visiting me. We were sitting in the living room and having a nice Mother-Daughter chat.

The doorbell rang.

I went to answer the door because my Father was at the door after his trip to the fromagerie to get us some nice croissants and cheese for their post-church luncheon.

So while I was letting Dad in, the phone rang.

I walked in the living room with my Father, only  to hear  the answering machine come on.

Suddenly the emotional CLIMATE of our chaste little visit was punctuated by the jovial voice of RON JEREMY…telling me which hotel room I should come to  meet him in in order to take the reference shot for the portrait I was to paint of him.

THAT is how they found out about my book…and yes , they are well familiar with Ron Jeremy since they USED not to be so ‘religious’ but had quite a “FEW” of his videos before they found JESUS.

ron_jeremy by denise72

(Here is the painting that came about)

So while they were busy finding Jesus, they found RON and their daughter’s dirty little secret plan to debunk the myth of porn people being evil.

I’m glad they all know now. For me to initially hide my book was me being a hypocrite.  I’m proud of my book’s intent and proud of all the wonderful friends I’ve made and met in the Porn Industry.

By the way, for the record, I’ve met some of the finest human beings on the face of this planet in the Porn Industry.

Mavericks!~ The Lot of them and very raw, real and good people with their heads screwed on right and hearts all in the right place.

So thanks for reading my little recollection and unsolicited opinion.

I look forward to communicating with you on topics of societal assholery, sex, lust,love, life  and debauchery as I’ve plenty of views about all of the above.

I’m a big fan of free speech and freedom in general.

I love people who have the courage to create, who follow their own hearts and who have the balls  to be original.

Sex is great. Sex is good. Let us thank you for the wood.

Ahhhh MEN~!

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7 Responses to Porn People- Good Wholesome Human Beings

  1. toni says:

    you captured ron's twinkle- that funny personality and spark- very cool— as for your family- i know what you mean- when i started my site, the first thing i did was tell everyone in my family- if it was something i was to be ashamed of then it was something i shouldn't do- at least that is how i look at it

  2. Denise LaFrance says:

    Hi Toni.
    I see we can relate to that family stuff…some things we will never be approved of by our families. I am wondering if it is more about them than us. What I mean is…for them to approve, they are then making some proclamation as to their OWN belief system that does not "gel" with the image they want to project to the Public. Let's not sweat it tho. We have each other to lean on as a new sort of Family…at least I found this myself. I found the people of porn to be far more accepting..and not just about sex either. Goes further than that. They seem to be more into caring about animals and humanitarianism and not so reluctant to show love and compassion. I guess this is one of the gifts: Empathy. We can relate to what it is like to be scorned or shoved in the category of "not up to snuff"…when really, all we are is a bunch of folks who have the courage to do and say and think what a lot of folks only dream of. I sure do remember being a stripper for those 16 years. The women in my life who were not in adult entertainment used to scoff at me and make value judgment but–guess who was the first one to take her top off when drunkenly visiting the club on some social function from the office? Yep–the judging office lady…and so,,,there you have it. We're livin' the dream while some others only dare to dream it…and solely under the influence.
    Just think: What interesting stories we will have one day to tell in the senior's home…LOL..what interesting old men and ladies we shall be…Have you ever noticed? It's the young children and then the really old people who tend to be the most laid back in life? (Not all but –I'm speaking in ratios here.) I think the reason the elderly and the very young are so laid backa nd not uptight is because they–with innocence at one end and life-experience at the other, realize that…(as Bill Murray chants in the 1979 Blockbuster hit: "Meatballs"):
    "It just –doesn't –matter!"

    So revel in the fact you are one of the rare mavericks who has the courage to color outside the lines. What interesting flora and fauna make up this quilt we call :LIFE.
    Love to you…
    Denise the painter

  3. Mistress Desire says:

    I Can’t wait to read your book! I am also a big believer in free speech and the freedom of self expression. As a swinger, you would be hard pressed to find a group that is more under ground then us. Keep up the good work

    Mistress Desire

  4. toni tails says:

    and you know what we pornsters are good, wholesome human beings, lol- i am a total soccer mom who home schools and is rarely without paint and marker stains on my fingertips and blots of glue in my hair- i cant wait to read the book!

  5. roy karch says:

    Hi there Denise,

    I’m thrilled to see that you have a new venue for your fabulous paintings, musings and humor.
    The work usually speaks for itself…now you can add some text to it’s texture.
    Looking foward to reading regularly.
    always w/you, baby,

  6. Denise LaFrance says:

    Hey Roy!!
    Great to see you on here!
    Thanks and I clicked on your name and this UBER SLICK koolio RKP website opened up…I love it^^

  7. For those interested, I created a Vimeo Video of my ART; showing some of my paintings you can see online.
    Here’s the link to that video:

    Also, you can purchase prints, cards, posters etc. and see work I’ve done SINCE making the video on my Red Bubble art page here:

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