Georgina Spelvin Says Yes to Naked Pic (so it’s posted!) , but NO to Tit Squeezing

There is no nudity on this site so far. I’m keeping it PG. But this picture is so classy it’s like a work of art, and those are allowed, so I’ll keep this up as long as I can. This is Georgina Spelvin laying out on her deck, taken by her husband a few days ago. Georgina is as beautiful now in her 70’s as she was in her 30’s.



I have this thing about my tits.

I just don’t like having them squeezed hard enough to hurt.
I am NOT into pain.
For those who like it, fine. Do your thing. Just don’t invite me.

For the last thirty years, I have “just said no” whenever my wonderful, trusted friend and physician, Doctor Thom has gently insisted I get a mammogram. Then last week, I felt just the slightest twinge of a hurtyness in the right puppy. Well, I’m very much a do-it-yourself, Campho-Phenique and Epsom Salts sort of gal, but I’m not entirely stupid. Soooo, I call and let them schedule me for the procedure. Now if ever there were a word to make my flesh crawl, that’s it. “Procedure” just sounds like something from an S&M scenario to me and here’s the S&M film I never want to see, much less live through again. Mamory Mangler.

Place tit in vice, close vice until tit is squeezed into an IHOP special – sans the syrup. Fainting is not an option, as slumping will only increase the pain. Hold breath (as if you could breath through the pain) until technician, who has gone to another county to avoid the radiation, returns to pull out one plate and stick in another. Rinse, repeat, and so forth. Then you get to do the other tit!

Now, I admit, I have done some fairly kinky things in my checkered past, both as as a porn actress and, prior to those heady days, on numerous casting couches.

But I have never, ever, ever in my whole entire life, experienced pain of this magnitude.

Not even the time I tried to keep my sailboat
from hitting the dock by sticking my hand down between it and the pilings.

I was trying to protect the beautiful brightwork I had just spent two months applying.

OK. That was stupid, but my own doing.

The mamogram monster looms as an inevitable torture that women are expected to endure periodically, just because they’re women. Like childbirth, I suppose. Could cancer hurt any worse? I may live to find out, because, I ain’t getting these babies caught in that kind of wringer ever again, no how, no way, uh uh.

From her site

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3 Responses to Georgina Spelvin Says Yes to Naked Pic (so it’s posted!) , but NO to Tit Squeezing

  1. liza says:

    So pretty, and unconcerned about being naked. She’s always been way ahead of her time.

  2. tony says:

    Hello Ms. Spelvin. I just recently saw you on a talk show that showed some of your older movie clips and then they spoke with you and I am inclined to say, especially after seeing the above picture, that I am damned sorry to learn that you are married. You seem like quite woman and that is something as rare as hens teeth in this world. You seem to be a very gracious women. I envy your hubby and I hope your procedure brings you good news.

  3. gerald says:

    you have the best body i have seen becaues my father told me with tits any more than a hand full is a waist and yours are just suckable

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