Justin Long- Exclusive Interview- Hot Pix

Can’t live without-“my Great Dane Leggs – Because he is my only child”

name: Justin Long
age : 39
occupation: Adult Film Star
sexual orientation: Straight (not gay bi or curious about being bi)
company and/or website : www.myspace.com/xxxjustinlongxxx

1. What do you fans usually ask you? LOL how to get in the industry.. then to have sex with them .. then my number.. LOL

2. Who is on your NO list and why? Currently No one

3. If we could only watch ONE of your sex scene, which one would you want us to see and why? A scene I did with Rebbeca linares, and because it was smokin hot ass fucking

4. Describe what you consider a romantic date? I consider a romantic date, one were there is just hot unspoken chemistry whether it’s splitting an ice cream or having a $300.00 dinner. I think dinner and a nice bottle of wine with great music (preferably live like violas or violin) then a romantic walk on the beach in the moon light.. wwwwoooowwww

5. Describe your Ideal mate: I would say nice. She doesn’t have to be gorgeous in fact I’m leery of those girls in relationships. I would say a normal gal. She must be compassionate, caring, honest, a good listener, good at communication, an animal lover, respectful, a lady, adventurous, love the outdoors, and Ok with me being in porn. I don’t “date” porn girls anymore so…. My lady must be a freak in the bedroom submissive is good. A great BJ and like anal..

6. What is the funniest thing that every happened to you at work? Sierra Sinn tried to lick my toe and they left the part in when I said “are you crazy bitch” LOLOL

7. List 10 things you cant live without and why.
1.) my great dane Leggs – Because he is my only child .. I lost my other child in my last break-up he was my ex’s cat Roscoe “blackbeard” Jenkins
2.) My guitar – because I would just go crazy
3.) my bike – because i wouldn’t have any way to exercise
4.) pussy – cause I don’t swing the other way
5.) cheese cake – because I just loves it
6.) my Orvis Fly pole – because I would go crazy
7.) my REI tent – cause i would get wet when camping … thats the best time to go in the rain that is
8.) Twitter – because i wouldn’t get to talk to anyone
9.) myspace – because I wouldn’t feel so loved
10.)  Pussy — did i say that already? well I count it twice cuz it’s real important LOL

8. Who is the person who influenced you the most in your life & how? Jesus Christ  – he’s teaching me lessons every day

9. What is the hardest thing you have dealt with in your life, and how did you make it through? lack of a real family unit —- smoked alot of weed

10. Describe yourself in ten words or less — i’m just me, nothing special. I was just blessed/condemmed with a large penis

11. What is something you paid for that wasn’t worth the money? what haven’t I paid for that wasn’t worth the money? My dog was the only thing worth the money

12. If you inherited five  million dollars (after taxes, lol) from an unknown rich uncle, what would you do with the money? LOLOL buy a house and a ferrari and put the rest in a high yield retirement account… probably a charitable gift annuity.. and give some to stop child prostitution and female trafficing around the world

13. What would be a perfect day for you? one were everything works out right LOLOL that happens rarely for me.. LOL

14. What do you want to achieve in your life? become the biggest male porn star in the world

15. Where would you like to be ten years from now? retired on a beach earning 10%

16. What part of a body is sexiest and why? A girls hair.. it’s erotic sexy and wowwww all the way.. good hair is key for me, next the calf’s and butt

17. Tell us something quirky about you that most people don’t know. I talk entirely too much

18. What is your unfulfilled sexual fantasy? hmmmm mile high club and a girl giving herself to me 100% anyway I want anytime i want in my private life

19. What do you think about when you masturbate? LOLOL past scenes and girls I think are hot hot hot

20. What type of sex turns you on the most? Do you have a fetish? hmm nasty sex…. yeah stocking, latex, submissive

21. What Cause and/or Charity do you support and/or fight for? racial equality and ethical treatment of animals

22. What sexual acts/fetishes would you NOT do? anything that involes a guy or a strap-on LOL

23. What is your philosophy in life? Live life or die tryin

24. Tell us about how sports fit into your life. Rarely .. I like golf and motorcycle racing and normally the only  sport I watch on TV is golf

25. How do you feel about religion/God? I love god he is my dad… I think many think because we are in porn we are sinners.. well take the log out of your eye before you try to take the splinter out of others. I give unto god what is gods (my soul) and unto ceasar (goverment) what is ceasars (my body)

26. What political party would you be a member of, and how does politics effect your life? I watch politics close I don’t believe in parties and think government is basically corrupt… show me a politician that takes homeless into their home to eat and bath on a normal basis and I’ll suck a dick on camera LOLOL … NOT… but yeah show me that and i’ll start believing in government… our government kills people around the world daily with black ops that us citizens don’t even know about in the name of national security.. LOOLOL we are at war each and every day.

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41 Responses to Justin Long- Exclusive Interview- Hot Pix

  1. Justin Long says:

    Let me know what you think Ladies.. muaaah I love you all…

  2. La Viola says:

    Nice to see your relaxed ‘normal’ guy side… it’s refreshing. I actually think we’d get along pretty well. #25 is sooo true… and #20… yum! 🙂 @thickassviola

  3. Lenisa says:

    You are one beautious piece o’ ass baby. And ya gotta a funny side and a smart side too. You married?

  4. Raven Alexis says:


    You are gorgeous, and you have such a great attitude! Loved this interview!

  5. Rick Barcode says:

    Good to see you back doing what god gave you that dick for ;p

  6. Justin Long says:

    I’m not married…

  7. Justin Long says:

    very single right now but got a boo hollarin

  8. Robcomet says:

    Way to go badass! 🙂

  9. Justin Long says:

    thanx rob i love ya bro… (( thinking))) what a good friend

  10. Ms. Marshae says:

    I liked reading your interview. Its good to get to know more about you. I’m an animal lover myself. My baby got killed a few months ago and I haven’t gotten another one yet. I don’t know if he could be replaced.

  11. Justin Long says:

    thank you raven sweetie i appreciate that very much.. muuaahh sweetie.. hoep to see you soon

  12. Justin Long says:

    Rick you the man dog.. LOLOL.. god did hook it up a little sometin sometin huh? hehe..

  13. Justin Long says:

    I still want that shoot with you Raven.. yum yum that sexy self of yours.. he he .. yum xoxox

  14. CarmelDelyte says:

    Uhmmmm…enjoyed the interview and DEFINITELY enjoyed the photos. Very sexy boo…all I can say is dayum.

  15. Keiran Lee says:

    Only ever had the pleasure of being on set once with this guy and people i can assure you he is one of the most fun, relaxed guys ever to be around on set….

    Not only that but the man is a solid performer with one mighty weapon on him, i felt a right pencil dick next to him…lol

    Keiran Lee

  16. Justin Long says:

    Keiran .. LOL you rock bro… I love keiran to death ladies.. you can see him exclusive at Brazzers.com He’s a hot english boy, and his accent is a lady killer.. Thanks for the love keiran… I aint got nothing but love for you bro.. I just can’t say enough good things about you.. rock on rock star

  17. FTM says:

    This guy lives the dream, LOL. Bangs all the ladies most of us fantasize about. Not to mention the guy seems to be the most hung in the whole business. Not sure how that doesn’t get to someone’s head.

  18. Alex P says:

    great interview with a great performer
    keep it u !

    Alex P

  19. Nice interview… you seem like a nice, relaxed, down-to-earth guy just enjoying life. I love that you are a cowboy too! Best of luck to you, and now I’m off to cyber-stalk your pornos… heehee. Kidding.. kinda…Seriously though.. nice interview…
    Devon Michaels

  20. Ive always been a fan but Justin yes we get the point you are straight, how many times in the Interview did you need to stress that……………….Relax having a fan club of all types is great, embrace it. Again yes we know you are straight LOL

    Great Interview and will chat with you on twitter Im sure.


  21. michelle says:

    what a great interview.Your honesty and openness is wonderful.It is nice to read about the personal side of you.You are a great star but its nice to learn about the real you.

  22. Justin Long says:

    awww I only mentioned it twice Wendy.. LOLOL.. I love all my fans.. my ccousin is gay and I love him all the same no matter what.. However, yep you heard it here on my website that will launch this summer I will have solo content for all my fans that just wanty to see me alone and full on naughty.. So hows that for embrassing.. ehhehe.. There will be lots of other suprises as well.. Love ya Wendy

  23. Justin Long says:

    FTM and Alex P. you all rock I can’t thank you enough for reading the great interview Lukeisback did for me and leaving your comments.. I realy appreciate the love and comments.. My fans rock harder then ozzy on heroin.. hehehe and thats some freaking rockin out

  24. Justin Long says:

    Woowwww.. What a great response you guys.. thank you so much Devon Michaels and Michelle you gals are wonderful.. thank you so much for the kind wors and encouragement.. I appreciate all of it so so much.. Muaaaahh to you all..

  25. alana says:

    you look great with a cowboy hat on 🙂

  26. Alicia Hydra says:

    Yeah I am in the same boat as all the lovely ladies on this board, this guy is hot! Justin, will you be at Exxxotica Miami this year? I’d love to meet you; there are too few male performers who make it out to the east coast shows.

  27. Justin Long says:

    Hi Alicia,

    You know I want to make all the conventions this year, but I realy do want to make Exxxotica Miami.. I have never got to work on the east coast and would love to not only see my fans their but have a chance to meet the producers and directors out their. So, that said I sure hope so this year sweetie… Muuaahah for reading and commenting .. xoxox

  28. *Christine* says:

    Look at you with your grown and sexy going on!! Great interview hun!!! Keep up the sexy work!! you know I love it!! Muahhh
    Don’t forget to add me to the list…lol
    Mad Luv

  29. Justin , as usual it’s always nice to see a smart man in porn speak with elegence and set a high example.
    I hope many fans see more of Justin Long and want a real man inthe ir dvd players.

  30. Justin Long says:

    awwwwww how nice of you guys.. Christine.. you know I’s loves ya.. For all my fans I’m here to tell ya Christine is helping me get the Industructable Justin Long Dildo project goinng.. hopefully it will be in a store by you by the end of this year… and Summer you my girl.. you guys all make me feel very lucky inside.. Muaaaahhhhhh to you.. And to Alana, well I will see you here in a couple days and thats just a couple days too long if you ask me… such a classy gal. Smart and beautiful where could I go wrong.. I love ya guys.. thanks so much for taking your time to read my interview that @lukeisback was so gracious enough to allow me to do and all the work she ut into it.. Thank you @lukeisback.. you sexy lady Muuaaaahhh

  31. E Squared says:

    The measure of a man doesn’t lie in his pants. If by chance you catch my drift, then you’re lifting these words and giving them life. Strife may know your name at times, but you always find the sun after the rain. Remain humble. You’ve stumbled upon most of your fans that way and we love you for it. *smile*

  32. Justin Long says:

    Hay Thank you E Squared.. I appreciate that .. that was realy nice.. much love your way.. Justin L.

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  34. Lemuel Iriarte says:

    I really love all the things you write about on your site , and all i want to say is to keep up the good work buddy!!!

  35. Jordan James says:

    Man, I admire you so much! You make your career seem like law or something regular! I think it is cool to express your sexual side. Pple have sex all the time, why not get paid for it? How do you cope with the career and what made you become a porn star?

  36. Justin Long says:

    To: Jordan James …. I cope with the career by staying away from it when i’m not on set and god’s truth I don’t cope with it very well at all. I became a star from some childhood (teen) fantasy.. Thank you for the compliments. I really really appreciate them

  37. Justin Long says:

    Thank you Lemuel.. i think that was directed at me and I thank you very very much for that..

  38. Justin Long says:

    Thanks bunny .. how you been sweetie… sorta miss our romps in the sack.. heard you got married.. hope all is well.. be good be safe ..

  39. ankit says:

    i am a submissive guy, a bottom gay married to a hot chick!!! i am actually a cuckold!!! is it possible for me to Film SIR JUSTIN LONG With my wife 🙂

  40. Gaven says:

    You fucking make me crazy watching you fuck

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