Do you like Elexis Monroe?

by Jon

There are thousands of attractive female performers in the adult industry. There are the handful that we like to watch regularly. There’s also, I’m sure, for many, that one woman who’s the star that outshines all the rest. Mine is Elexis Monroe.

The 30 year old brunette is a stunning, natural beauty. She hasn’t been cast from the often artificial and very unsexy pornywood mold. She also radiates a warmth that’s sadly missing from the hordes of gum chewing energizer bunnies.

More than 40 scenes with Girlfriends Films and then her work with Sweetheart Video. The self-proclaimed Lesbian Goddess has had sex on screen with at least 100 women. She introduced quietly, modestly her own style that has since been copied but never equaled.

She truly loves women. You can see that in the way she kissed her first onscreen partners 10 years ago. Eye contact is very important for her. She wants to know how to really pleasure her partners and talks to them about what they would like and how they should position themselves. Her search for complicity seems to me so much closer to real love making than the mechanical bonking of main stream pornywood.
She’s funny, tender and passionate. If she likes to give pleasure she also likes to be pleasured. I’m certain I’m not the only fan that delights in the way she comes.
Elexis’s equal was the sadly missed Penny Flame. The scenes they did together with Girlfriends Films and Triangle Films were the closest I’ve seen on screen to real partners making love. It was so stunning I called it in an article I wrote The Elexis Revolution. She showed her passionate, fiery intensity in a scene with Heather Silk that should have won an AVN Nomination.
When Elexis posted regularly on the different forums she showed that she had a deft and witty style in writing about her art. There’s no doubt that she could bring to sex education the same talent as Nina Hartley.

She had a short lived site before joining Sweetheart Video as their contract girl. There’s been talk on and off of her having her own site but with no result. You can though see all her scenes on Sweethearts pay site Club Sappho.
I’d researched a full biography and filmography of Elexis under her different stage names. In doing so I’d also come across many photos of her. The galleries blog I’ve now started has been done using affiliate programs or with permissions. Its aim is to celebrate one of the most gifted, beautiful and, sadly, unsung stars in the adult industry.

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13 Responses to Do you like Elexis Monroe?

  1. liza says:

    She doesn’t look like a porn star at all. More like a regular pretty girl you would see at the grocery store.

  2. sophie says:

    I absolutely love Elexis, she is gorgeous, sexy, sensual, i could go on!! just watch one of her scenes and you can’t help but fall in love with her!!!

  3. Karen says:

    You are so right about the amazing Elexis. She is in a class of her own and her scenes with Penny Flame have been some of my very favorites. I think Sinn Sage may be the new best partner for Ms. Monroe as evidenced in the movie Girls Kissing Girls 4. That is, in my opinion, the hottest, most realistic scene of all time. Her Sweet Sinner movies are also very good and have restored my faith in b/g movies for her. Amazing woman!

  4. Tommy says:

    Non esiste una lesbica più vera. Gode sulle scene veramente. La sua è vera passione per le donne. La più eccitante in assoluto . Ci farò sul mio sito una pagina dedicata a lei.

  5. partisan says:

    Elexis is a goddess. One of the best girl/girl performers ever. You are dead on about what makes her great. It’s the passion she shares with her partners and the way she projects it through the screen.

  6. Kat says:

    Elexis is by all means the best Porn star around. She brings it all to life in a real way. she does truely love the ladies she is paired with, her scenes with Penny flame and sinn sage show how much she truely and deeply care for her girls. She has a passion for her work that shows through.

    She is the Girl next door with sassy, sexy sex appeal a goddess for sure. Love to her always

  7. lisa de rooy says:

    Like Kat wrote,Elexis is all natural. I have 2 scenes. One with Heather Starlet and,thats mine favourite,one with Sunny Lane. When watched the one with Sunny for the first time i couldnt believe that were acting. It looked so natural. Can anyone tell me in which movies she appears?

  8. grace lo says:

    From the first time i saw her with Georgia Jones, i could not believe that she is really natural and true in her acting. I, myself was constantly looking for her video and
    the way she acts… i love this woman.Her passion in her work makes her number one in my list.
    Please take care and love to you from me ..

  9. Turbolover72 says:

    Even though I am straight,when I first saw Elexis(WOW!!)I fell in love with her.Love watching her movies.It’s real.Not like the others.But then again she is not like all others.Much love to you Elexis.Would love to meet you someday….

  10. s.t.w. says:

    i’m not sure is elexis is full lesbian or not but,she doesn’t seem to like men.if this is so then i don’t like her.but men could be more tender when they have sex with a women this is why i believe women like elexis lean towards does not make you less of a man to be more makes you more compassionate.and by doing this,a lot more women will be bisexual rather than full lesbian and i must add elexis is an incredible beauty..

  11. Jose Antonio says:

    I think miss Elexis is the hottest and georgeous girl-girl performance ever! whit her beauty eyes and natural body is just….divine!

  12. ki-ki says:

    I think she is naturally beautiful and good at what she does. Amongst other things she makes you just want to cuddle with her..

  13. paty says:

    enjoyed all the videos Elexis did, I think her the best actress in the porn industry without relying on her beauty she not only gets the pleasure for your passeira and can also give pleasure to those who be watching their scenes. she is beautiful.
    I am Brazilian more to me she is the best porno actress

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