Watching a Live Gang Bang, And then Doing a Show of my own!

Mistress Desire 2x2

“for the first time in my life I was naked in front of a lot of people.”

by Mistress Desire

We were in Vegas for 4 days saw all the shows we were scheduled to see, gambled all the money we really wanted to or didn’t want too, visited with friends who came from LA to see us. So what else was there to do? Strip club, we have done that at home so really nothing new for us. Before we went on this trip we both did a little research. I had noticed that Las Vegas has sex clubs and this interested me greatly. We have always watched porn together, but to go to a club and watch real people having sex right in front of us, this sounded very exciting.

We discussed what we were going to do there and decided we were just going to watch. So we hopped in a cab, told the driver where we were going and come to find out he said out of the different clubs in the area we were going, we picked the one that he recommended. Off to a great start.

When we got there it was still a little early (just call us eager) they don’t serve alcohol in this club, but we were told of a gay bar next door. So we went in there had a few very nice stiff drinks among a few cross-dressers and transvestites, some very handsome gay men and very butch lesbians. Everyone in this bar knew we were in there just for the drinks because of the wrist-bands from the sex club next door and were all very nice.

After a little liquid encouragement we went back to the club, the door greeter asked if we were ready for our tour. We said we were ready to see the entire club; he then called for one of the many floor managers. The manager who I will refer to as John soon became one of the reasons why I will always speak well of this club. He showed us the entire club, 2 floors everything you can imagine and even some things you couldn’t (well maybe some of you could).

He soon found some action for us in an open room, a female giving head to 2 men, while several people watched.  As we were watching a man in his 20’s approached us and asked what we were into. We told him we were new to this and not sure what we were going to participate in. He made it very clear he was available to help my man take care of me if we are in need.

I had not been hit on by a man in his 20’s in a long time, it felt very good. Soon the manager John appeared to tell us that there was more action going on in another room, if we were interested in taking a look at something different. We followed him to an open room where there was a female who was taking on what seemed like a “group” of guys at the same time.

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It was amazing we were watching a live gang bang.

By this time we were very worked up ourselves and even though we said we were only going to watch we found ourselves in the couple’s only area sitting on a couch making out like savages. Above us was a screen where the single men who were not allowed in that area could watch and I could see that there were several pair’s of eyes watching us. Somehow this made us even more excited and we moved to the floor where they have vinyl bed’s lining the room.

My man opened my shirt, and for the first time in my life I was naked in front of a lot of people. We just started having sex not even remembering that there were people around. It was one of the hottest experiences (there have been many since).

When we came up for air there was a couple sitting on the couch where we had started who leaned forward and said “great show thank you”. As we left the couples room the men that were watching from outside also thanked us.

We ended putting 3 more shows that night until 3:30 in the morning our flight left at 7:00am for the east coast. Needless to say we were very tired but we had smiles on our faces. This experience has opened an incredible world to us, more to come.

Mistress Desire

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3 Responses to Watching a Live Gang Bang, And then Doing a Show of my own!

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  2. Marc says:

    I would be interested which is the club you went too.
    We are first timers as well….and your story intrigued us…..BTW it sounds like it has been a beautiful experience!
    Thank you in advance for your help!

    Marc and Ther

  3. Mistress Desire says:

    The club would have been the Green Door. My caution to you would be to make sure that you two talk about all rules and to make sure you agree to not break those rules no matter what. Remember the most important thing in this lifestyle is YOUR marriage comes first. If you have any other questions please contact me on twitter at just let me know who you are and I will be happy to answer any other questions. I have seen the darker side of this lifestyle as you can read in my articles on this site called “Picking up the pieces”

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